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Lawn Care Maintenance

Jofmar Landscaping is now offering 12 months maintenance packages in which you can choose to do some of the work or we can take care of it.

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Mowing, Trimming and blowing

The grass is mowed at the proper height depending of the grass variety.

Lawn Aeration

Aeration reduces soil compaction, saves water, and also enhances root growth.

Spring Startups

Lawn well be prepared for the upcoming warm months to make sure the maximize growth and beauty of your grass.

Packages Include

Flower Bed

The flower bed well be kept clean in every visit. There is two types of ways to get rid of the weeds. One with chemicals to kills the weeds from the roots and if you don´t like chemicals for any reason we can also pull out the weeds by hand.


Any dead or alive leaves, branches and jutting branches well be removed from the lawn to make and keep the lawn looking nice and neat.


Additions such as bulbs, vases, bowls, and flower beds added taste to give your lawn a great look.

*Must present offer and cannot be combined.

Shrub Trimming

They are trimmed two times a years to keep your shrubs in good shape and keeps the house looking good.

Leaf Removal

During the fall we offer leaf blowing and removal. We can either blow the leaves to the curb were for the city can pick them up or we can bag them and take them of your property.

Turf Care

Turf care is making your grass the best in the neighborhood. Turf care consists of fertilizing the grass, weed control, fungicide to help prevent brown patch. We also test the lawn to make sure is has the correct PH levels.


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